A wonderful day in the Village with the ReversingLabs team

We are always happy to welcome cheerful and outgoing people to our SOS Children's Village Lekenik, such as the team from ReversingLabs. Especially when they roll up their sleeves to make our Village an even more beautiful place to live!

 Corporate volunteering in our Villages is always a great experience, both for our children and for our dear guests. This weekend was no exception – ReversingLabs employees spent Saturday together to make our Village more beautiful. They painted lampposts, fences, installed racks for our children’s bicycles, replaced netting on fences… and the results were delightful!

The weather reflected the great mood in the Village. As our volunteers worked diligently, our kids enjoyed their playtime and some even helped the volunteers. A stray drop of paint on someone’s arm or hair was not a problem at all; the feeling of completing a task by working together was far more important!
After completing their tasks, our hard-working volunteers enjoyed socializing and relaxing in the lush greenery of the Village. SOS mothers called their children to lunch and the ReversingLabs team took a walk around the Village together.

As we exchanged our goodbyes, we invited them to visit us again. Thank you, ReversingLabs!