Pepco gives us a vacation to remember

Sun and the sea warmed the hearts of our children, giving them many moments that they will remember forever, all thanks to our dear friends from PEPCO.

 Summer vacations are always special, and it means a lot to our children to be at the seaside and enjoy playing with their SOS mothers, brothers and sisters. We can tell by their smiling faces and how easily they fall asleep after a full day of swimming and frolicking in the sun!

SOS families, which consist of SOS mothers and SOS siblings, enjoyed the summer delights in the beautiful Rovanjska in the Zadar County. This small town is perfect for rest and relaxation that takes one away from daily worries and obligations, and it gave our children and their SOS mothers time and space they needed to deepen their relationship.

There were so many great activities on offer, from splashing in the shallows for our toddlers to swimming and diving in earnest for the older and more agile children. Delicious joint lunches after hours of swimming alternated with evening walks and get-togethers.
It’s not easy returning home from this seaside idyll – everyone wants to stay just a little bit longer. As they travelled home, children consoled themselves with the thought that next summer will bring new opportunities for sea adventures.

Some of our children will remember this summer for learning to swim, others will cherish the memory of their first dive into the sea, and everyone will carry with them the truly wonderful feeling of love and attention that they shared with each other. As we smile and think of the lovely time we had, we want to thank our dear friends from Pepco, whose donation made it possible for us to enjoy this vacation and make memories that we will cherish forever. Thank you, Pepco!