OVB Charity Croatia presented the SOS Children's Village Croatia with a valuable donation in the amount of EUR 10.000 on 11 June in Zagreb. The project is aimed at providing speech therapy and special education services for the children in the Lekenik and Glina area.

Speech therapy is one of key elements of early intervention, which prevents numerous difficulties that children may otherwise face as they grow older, but it is not available to general population in many regions around Croatia due to the lack of relevant experts. This donation will ensure speech therapy for the children in the family-based care in SOS Children's Village Lekenik and for the children from the local community that also need expert support. Marinka Šenjug, head of the PR/FR Department accepted the cheque on behalf of SOS Children's Village Croatia.

“We in SOS Children's Village Croatia have identified the needs of the children and we are glad to be able to respond to them successfully by offering expert support from speech therapist and special education teacher, all thanks to OVB Charity Croatia. We are happy that we can continue to create loving homes for children in care of SOS Children's Village Lekenik, while also supporting the children in the local community, who will also have access to these services”, said Višnja Tuškan-Krupić, National Director of SOS Children's Village Croatia.

“It is very important to OVB to be able to share its business accomplishments with other people, thus giving back to community”, said Ivica Ljoljo, president of Association OVB Charity Croatia, before continuing: “We want to take seriously the responsibility that successful people and companies have, especially towards the people who need help the most, children and young people included. This is why we are delighted that we have been able to partner with SOS Children's Village on our first major project in Croatia, as they are a globally respected project partner, present in most European countries where OVB is also active. Through this joint project, we aim to prevent many difficulties children may otherwise face later in life by providing them with early interventions. On this joint mission with all European OVB Charity associations that includes all our existing and future projects, we want to highlight and embody the belief that we can always accomplish so much more if we all join together.”