Assembling a robot – yes, we can

Seven brilliant young robot builders from SOS Children's Village Lekenik recently took part in the workshop entitled “How to Raise a Robot with Help from Bosch?”, organized by our long-standing partner Bosch.

 The workshop was carried out during the Science Week at the Nikola Tesla Museum of Technology. This STEM training expanded their knowledge and deepened their interest in science and technology even more.

The children were faced with a pretty difficult task. STEM Hexapod Robot boxes contained a multitude of small parts that had to be assembled together in a precise and focused manner to produce six-legged robots capable of functioning perfectly and executing all orders directed to them.

There were, of course, some mistakes made, so we occasionally had to reverse a step or two and start again. Thanks to the excellent instructors and very motivated children, everything went well. We also learned another valuable lesson – never give up!
With the guidance of their instructors throughout the workshop, our little robot builders carried out their tasks perfectly, all in the atmosphere of fun, laughter and mutual support.
Our long-standing partnership with Bosch has once again contributed to the happy childhood and development of children in the SOS Children's Village Croatia.
“Bosch and SOS Children's Village Croatia have been working together for many years to create safe and loving homes for children without adequate parental care. In addition to the love that children receive in the family-based care, we also give them opportunities to develop their abilities for future independence. This creative STEM workshop organized by Bosch has proven to be a great initiative, and our young people have already made great strides in programming and robotics”, said Višnja Tuškan-Krupić, National Director of SOS Children's Village Croatia.

“Social responsibility is one of Bosch’s fundamental values and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide this STEM training to the children from the SOS Children's Village Croatia. I am convinced it will further develop children’s interest in science. Our company provides a great deal of synergy in our work with SOS Children's Village Croatia. After five years of cooperation, we can safely call SOS our friend”, said Mirsada Kudrić, General Manager of Bosch for Croatia and Slovenia.