Join HIGHER and become a friend of the SOS Children's Village Croatia

Croatian start-up Supera moć has recently joined the cause-related marketing project developed by SOS Children's Village Croatia called “Days of Good Friends”.

 Throughout February, Supera moć will donate HRK 1 of each can of HIGHER sold for the children in the SOS Children's Village Croatia.

Supera moć has developed a new generation energy drink, based on the combination of natural and functional ingredients – no sugar, no caffeine and zero calories. This makes it a unique energy drink in both the EU and the Balkan market.

Today we know that excessive consumption of sugar is tied to many modern diseases, dental problems and obesity. At the same time, excessive consumption of caffeine may cause dependency, migraines, depression, fatigue, breathing difficulties and other undesirable side effects.

HIGHER has been developed in an effort to create a better kind of energy drink, based on natural ingredients, the chief among them extracts of maca and ginseng, plants that are traditionally used in South America and Asia to achieve mental and physical vitality. HIGHER doesn’t contain caffeine, sugar, calories and is instead rich in B-vitamins and minerals zinc and selenium. As such, this product represents an entirely new, healthier category of drinks in the domestic market.

By choosing HIGHER as a better way of boosting your daily energy, you too can support the mission and vision of the Association SOS Children's Village Croatia and become its friend.
Look for HIGHER in SPAR, Konzum, Metro, INA, Crodux, Lukoil, Apios or and buy a can to donate HRK 1 to SOS Children's Village Croatia.

SOS Children's Villages look after children without parents or parental care, regardless of their race, nationality or faith, providing them with love and security in the family environment, as well as a permanent home and education needed for happy and peaceful childhood.