An SOS family visits the Wollsdorf plant

Early December and the beginning of the holiday season is always the time when our happy family from the SOS Iris House reconnects with our dear friends from Wollsdorf Components.

 This year, Wollsdorf invited them to its large manufacturing plant in Varaždin. Both the children and their SOS mother were impressed as they toured the plant that produces leather covers for the driving wheels of luxury cars and airplanes.

After the educational and interesting tour, our dear friends from Wollsdorf prepared a surprise for the children. Sitting under a big Christmas tree were bags filled with Christmas presents for them. Every child got exactly a present they wished for and they were clearly delighted and happy.

The generous Wollsdorf team didn’t forget about the other children living in the SOS Children's Villages. We are happy and delighted to say that we received a generous money donation from them. After a delicious lunch, we said our goodbyes. We are lucky to have friends like Wollsdorf and we look forward to future collaborations.