An apple a day keeps a doctor away!

A health-minded event that manages to be delicious and fun… It sounds almost unreal, but that’s how our kids from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik spent their Friday, thanks to a workshop organized under the auspices of the Health for Everyone project.

 The project was launched by Johnson & Johnson to promote health prevention and educate on matters of hygiene in the five countries in our region: Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

In the two years that the project has been running, a series of workshops have taken place. Health experts in charge of the workshops receive full support of Johnson & Johnson.

The programme runs throughout the year and on Friday, representatives of Johnson & Johnson, Atlantic Grupa and dm visited the SOS Children's Village Lekenik and had a great time with our children. After the children’s short presentation on health and properties of the apple as the queen of all fruit, it was time to start the creative part of the workshop. Everyone took to crayons and pencils with great enthusiasm.

Keeping in mind that we just heard how important regular physical activity was, we had no other choice but to engage in some after all that creative effort. We joined a Zumba instructor and danced our hearts out. Every child and grown-up on the premises danced, but once the fatigue set in, we had to have a bite to eat.

Laid out on the table was the previously mentioned fruit royalty – apples. Children ate them with the delight usually reserved for the finest chocolate. No one demanded that the apples be peeled first, because we just learned that unpeeled apples were much healthier for us.

We are quite certain that our kids will continue to work on adopting more healthy habits and that they are looking forward to the next get-together to share everything they have learned in the meantime.