SOS mothers enjoy a well-deserved break

SOS mothers pursue a brave, challenging and demanding calling. Our SOS mothers give all of their love, attention and care to children entrusted to their care, which is why they need to take a break from time to time.

 Once a year as part of their recovery programme, they go on a retreat in a relaxing setting, far from the SOS Children's Villages.

This year, our SOS mothers from SOS Children's Villages Lekenik and Ladimirevci were welcomed to the Tuhelj Spa. Fourteen SOS mothers enjoyed the relaxing ambience for four days. During the next month, another group of SOS mothers and two groups of SOS aunties will also go on a retreat there.

As part of the recovery programme, we also hold educational workshops to further empower SOS mothers on a personal and professional level and to ensure a safe space for sharing experiences and bonding.

The recovery programme was supported by the Medvešćak Swimming Club, Btravel Travel Agency and Tuhelj Spa. We are deeply grateful to them for their help.