Magic of Advent in the animal kingdom

Who says animals don’t celebrate Christmas? The Advent in the Zagreb Zoo has begun and children from the SOS Children's Village Lekenik contributed with their original, handmade ornaments for the big Christmas tree there, bringing joy to the inhabitants of this beautiful zoo.

When asked how animals celebrated Christmas and whether they also decorated trees and prepared a rich holiday feast – the kids from SOS Children's Village Lekenik came up with all kinds of creative solutions.

And when tasked with making ornaments for the Christmas tree in the Zagreb Zoo, they set their imagination free and created truly original ornaments. Delighted and excited, they were invited as guests of honor to the first Advent Sunday in the Zagreb Zoo and given the opportunity to decorate the tree with ornaments shaped as carrots, salad and other healthy vegetables that the Zagreb Zoo serves to the animals in its care.

Their hosts in the Zagreb Zoo welcomed them with open arms and a rich program. Children enjoyed the music and creative workshops and they all received special gifts. What a perfect way to begin the December holiday season!