Like little fish and sirens… the summer delights have begun!

While this year’s summer vacation is already a fond memory for some people, others are only just preparing to embark on their summer adventure.

 Thanks to the kindness of our friends and donors, the kids from SOS Children's Village Lekenik and Ladimirevci will not lack for opportunities to enjoy the seaside.

For example, two SOS families from Lekenik spent the end of June and beginning of July in Trogir. They stayed in a beautiful house on the island of Čiovo for ten days. Their hosts were our long-time donors and friends. Seven children accompanied by two SOS mother played on the beach from morning to night. They were also free to use a swimming pool in front of the house.

They particularly enjoyed a day trip to the island of Šolta, where they dived and watched seagulls and fish in small, beautiful coves along the coastline. At night, they would all gather around barbecue while SOS father Rusmir prepared supper for them. Not even the excessive summer heat or annoying mosquitoes could spoil the fun for this happy group of holiday-makers.

Poreč was equally exciting. Five children and their SOS mother from SOS Children's Village Ladimirevci spent a week there staying in the Valamar Hotels chain.

Kids were delighted by the first-class service and warm hospitality of their hosts. They enjoyed all the benefits of the seaside and the bravest among them even went swimming in the “deep sea”. One five-year-old mastered swimming with his floaties and everyone simply loved a beautiful sand box, where new imaginative sand castles arose every day.

This is just the beginning of the summer fun. Every child naturally wants to spend some part of summer at the seaside and thanks to our loyal donors and partners, we are confident that all of our children will get to enjoy the sea