A fun day with our friends from Unikomerc

When children and adults switch roles, what follows is a fun, memorable day spent in great company. And that’s exactly what happened one hot Sunday in June.

 A merry band of Unikomerc employees welcomed the children, SOS mothers and other SOS Children's Village Lekenik co-workers to the green slopes of Krašograd.

The rich program for the day included a number of well-thought out workshops. Children had the opportunity to take over the ‘grown-up’ jobs. They tried their hand at lawn-mowers, motor cultivators and other agricultural machinery, under adult supervision of course. For their part, adults decided to just have fun, so they danced to Xbox, jumped up and down on the trampoline and even engaged in wrestling matches.

The wonderful event filled with laughter, fun and good cheer ended in the afternoon hours. Our kids were tired, but happy to have gained another lovely memory.