INA donates to SOS Children's Village Croatia

INA, our long-time partner in ensuring happy childhoods, brought a donation in the amount of HRK 150.000 to SOS Children's Village Lekenik to support the work of SOS Youth Facilities.

 Director of SOS Children's Village Lekenik Mr. Mario Čović accepted the donation from Mr. Damir Butković, director of the Sisak Oil Refinery, who took the opportunity to say: “It’s the season of giving, so we wanted to bring joy to our friends in the SOS Children's Village Croatia. With today’s donation INA wants to call attention to humanitarian activities of the SOS and encourage others to support their work and thus contribute to the well-being of those who need support the most, making their daily lives better.”

In expressing his thanks for this donation, Mr. Mario Čović said: “INA and SOS Children's Village Croatia have been partners for many years and their partnership is essential to ensuring good conditions and creating a loving home for each child, which is our guiding idea. We are thankful that INA has recognized the needs of our young people this year, as they face big challenges while they prepare for independent life. By investing into their future, in developing their skills and broadening their knowledge, together we and INA are helping them become independent and valuable members of society.”

INA and SOS Children's Village Croatia have been partners since 2010. During that time, we have worked together on different projects and initiatives, including annual donations and campaigns launched by the INA Volunteer Club.